Turn Left Issue 27 Now Online

Turn Left Issue 27

Oops we did another one! Turn Left is a fanzine (now in trifold A3 brochure format) dedicated to the awesomes Brighton Rockers roller derby league. Click above to view Issue 27 online. This mag was published on the 21st September 2019 for an event at the Dolphin in Haywards Heath where the Brighton Rockers took on Limerick Roller Derby and the B-team Rockerbillies faced Bristol Bees. As well as previewing the games, this issue includes an interview with Slap Dash and Hippy Hippy Skate, celebrating their birthday and last game respectively (Hippy is moving to London Rockin’ Rollers). We also have recollections on the B-team’s recent tournament success at Eastbourne Extreme. If you’re after a physical copy of the mag there are a few on the flyer shelves in Brighton’s Evening Star and Bierhaus pubs. Huge thanks to all our lovely interviewees, photographers and advertisers.


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