Turn Left Issue 14 Now Online


In the next few days we’ll have a report up here on yesterday’s (April 30th) epic double header against Newcastle B (a win!) and the Hoodlum Gang. In the meantime, if you missed the game – or if you were there but missed the fanzine (it ran out faster than any previous issue has!) – click the cover image above to be taken to the online version. This includes interviews with Rockers stars Skate Bush, Speedy Gonzalex and Bionic Betty. We also hear from both opposing teams, Irish Mist takes on Newcastle’s Fugazi in the seven questions challenge, our spy reports from inside the current Rockers Fresh Meat, and loads more! Special thanks to all our lovely interviewees. Also big thanks to our photographers (John Hesse, NSP 189, Roller Derby On Film and Dave Moore) and our lovely advermatisers including http://www.meadowyurts.co.uk/ and http://www.thewick.pub/ Yay!


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